8 Figure Copywriter Reveals: 

The Sneaky Way To Turn Cold Leads Into Customers WITHOUT Being A Market Expert OR A-List Copywriter

Imagine writing copy so powerful that your leads are “ready to buy” before they hit your sales page…

PLUS: Get 6 ‘plug & play’ cold traffic eCom templates when you read this whole page.

Cold traffic is the most lucrative skill in online business. 

And it’s the only way to make BIG money FAST in this space.

The reason is simple.

A profitable cold traffic campaign allows you to acquire NEW customers at scale. 

And if you crack cold traffic profitably…

Your business (or your clients business) will start to act a bit like a broken slot machine.

You put $1 in, and get $2 out. 

So why doesn’t everyone crack cold traffic profitably? 

Because they don’t know how to. 

They think you have to be an A-list copywriter like me to do it. 

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

That’s why most DTC brands and copywriters struggle to write cold traffic funnels that scale profitably. 

Because you don’t know where to start.

You spend thousands of your hard-earned dollars on ad campaigns that barely break even…

And then you throw in the towel and stick to using ‘viral tik tok marketing’ to get sporadic, unpredictable sales.

My clients were facing the same thing last year. 

They couldn’t convert cold traffic if their life depended on it…

Until we made one simple change to their funnel that turned all of the ‘cold traffic’ into HUNGRY BUYERS before they even hit the sales page.

That’s why I wrote this presentation. 

To tell you what that one simple change is…

Show you proof that it works…

And then teach you how to use it yourself. 

So keep reading. 

Because I’m going to show you how you can…
  • Make hundreds of thousands, even MILLIONS of dollars as a copywriter by helping your clients tackle the most important part of their business: scaling profitably!
  • Lower your cost-per-acquisition and BLOW your competition out of the water, even if they try to rip your funnels.
  • The one simple change you can make to your cold traffic funnel in the next 15 minutes for an INSTANT boost in conversions (HINT: it’s nothing to do with your offer, or sales page)!
  • ​SIX ‘fill in the blank’ cold traffic templates that you can implement today and make INSTANT profit!
  • ​Learn how to take home $5,000 - $10,000 per MONTH as a beginner copywriter by writing cold traffic funnels for eCom brands.
  • ​Increase your conversion rate at LEAST 3x by using a simple ‘in-between’ page on your cold traffic funnels!
  • ​Predictably write winning cold traffic offers with an easy-to-use system that your copywriters can implement TODAY for maximum results.
  • ​Split test your way to 1,000 buyers a day PROFITABLY - how to maintain your profit margin as you increase your ad spend!
  • Establish yourself as a legitimate copywriter - because, let's face it… writing on cold traffic is the TRUE test of your copywriting ability.
  • ​Peek behind the curtains of the online businesses we all study - lessons from scaling to $12,000,000 per month on COLD TRAFFIC!

So what is the one simple change that allows me to consistently write WINNERS on cold traffic? 

Last year one of my clients was in hot-water. 

They had a huge email list who LOVED their offers… 

But they could never seem to make cold traffic work.

As a result, their business was slowly dying, since the email list wasn’t growing. 

They spent a TON of money on ads and just couldn't seem to make them work. 

That’s when we tested an ‘in-between’ page on their cold traffic funnel… 

And that changed everything. 

Now we have multiple brands that make multiple millions of dollars each month using these ‘in-between’ pages on cold traffic.
What is this ‘in-between’ page called?

An advertorial page.

If the word advertorial seems both strange and familiar, there’s a reason.  

It’s a mashup of the words advertisement and editorial.  

This is because a good advertorial looks and feels like editorial content - ie, a blog post, or something that isn’t trying to sell you anything. 

But underneath that editorial appearance…

It’s designed to sell like an advertisement.

The whole point of an advertorial in today's day and age is to sell your prospect on paying attention to your ad before they even know it's an ad. 

Think about it…

The average consumer sees like 10,000 ads a DAY. 

They’re jaded to it. 

When they know you’re trying to sell them something they won’t even give you the time of day. 

Madison Avenue advertising legend David Ogilvy even said:

“There is no need for advertisements to look like advertisements. If you make them look like editorial pages, you will attract about 50% more readers.”

Imagine that… 50% more readership on your sales page? 

And not only that… but the readers are PRE-SOLD on your product before they even land on the sales page. 

What would that do for your bottom line?

If you’ve ever studied an old school, famous direct mail ad…

It was probably an advertorial.
Things have come full circle. 

The OGs of direct response knew back then that the best way to convert a cold customer is by using an advertorial.

And like most things in direct response…

The simple, timeless principles that worked decades ago still work today.

As a result…

Some of the biggest clients at my marketing agency - I’m talking about eCom businesses making $12,000,000 per month - are using advertorial pages in their cold traffic funnels.

That brings me to you.

As far as I’m aware…

There are NO legit resources on advertorials for modern day eCom businesses. 

The only thing I can think of is the short video course I released on advertorials early last year…

Which you can’t even buy anymore. 

Which means that brand owners and copywriters who want to learn advertorial funnels are taking shots in the dark. 

There’s a gap in the market…

Copywriters & offer owners are frantically trying to figure out the best way to write advertorials predictably and systematically for modern day advertising platforms like Meta and Native. 

And in this short presentation…

I’m going to explain how. 

But who am I and why should you listen to me? 

My name is Zarak.

In recent years I’ve driven over 80 million US dollars in sales for your favorite direct response companies and eCommerce brands.

I’ve put together long form sales letters that brought in millions of dollars on their own. 

I’ve managed email lists for companies making millions of dollars per month, and managed to TRIPLE, sometimes QUADRUPLE their revenue. 

And I’ve worked closely with some of the best internet marketers alive…

Like a direct mentee of Mark Ford, marketing genius and founder of billion dollar Agora… 

The man behind the original “Island Where People Forget To Die” promo, an 8 figure hit piece that changed the DR industry for good… 

Peter Tzemis, best-selling-author, founder of Supplement Millionaire, The Marketing Genius behind Jordan Belfort, Owner of Pup Labs, and Beat Your Control… 

And countless seven, eight, and nine figure ‘ghosts’ that I can’t name… 

But don’t just take my word for it. 

Here’s what some of the industry’s best had to say about me:

“13th Best Copywriter of 2023” 
- Beat Your Control Blog

“Zarak is one of the hidden gems of the DR copy world.” 
- Peter Tzemis, 9 Figure DR Veteran & Founder of PupLabs

“He knows how to make readers buy products - plain and simple.” 
- Doug D’Anna, $100 Million Dollar Industry Veteran

“Zarak is a truly gifted creative and is also profoundly solid in his marketing ability.”
- Ian Clark, Founder of 8 figure DR supplement brand

“The best copywriter I personally know of and work with”
- Founder of Nooro (9 figure eCom brand)

But that’s not all…

In 2023 alone, me and my team wrote over 300+ advertorial funnels for some of the biggest eCom brands in the world. 

I say none of this to brag…

But just to show you that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to writing cold traffic copy. 

And I'm putting my money where my mouth is. 

I just launched my OWN offer on cold traffic using advertorial funnels.

As you can see from the data, I’m no ‘armchair expert’.

And that’s why I wrote this presentation… 

Because, for the past 15 months…

Me and my team have been quietly producing winning advertorial funnels for some of the biggest DTC brands in the space. 

Like I mentioned before…

We wrote at least 300 advertorials in 2023 alone. 

That’s an average of 5 per week. 

To us, writing advertorials is muscle memory. 

It’s not even something we have to put much conscious effort into. 

And with the help of AI, we’re able to write them faster than anyone else.

So here’s what we did. 

I partnered up with my CMO to create a step-by-step program teaching you how to write advertorials for MAXIMUM profit on cold traffic. 


Advertorial Mastery.

A comprehensive training program on writing cold traffic funnels that SCALE PROFITABLY in 2024 - suitable for beginner copywriters, eCom operators, and experienced freelancers. 

Over 17 video courses with transcripts and real life examples on:
  • 3 types of advertorials and how to write them (ALL copywriters should know this)
  • Step by step, how to write a cold traffic advertorial funnel from SCRATCH
  • ​The #1 CARDINAL SIN of split testing - mess this up and your cold traffic campaign will never succeed (common mistake!)
  • Why advertorials beat regular ads - find out why your customers will spend more $$$ after reading your advertorial 
  • ​Rookie mistakes to avoid when writing cold traffic advertorials (DO NOT try clickbait)
  • How a subtle change to the top of your landing page can double your conversion rates without changing anything else
  • 20+ Chat-GPT prompts to write winning advertorials in HALF the time so you can test offers FASTER than your competition 
  • ​The secret to using IMAGES in your advertorials to pre-sell your customers before they even read your sales pitch
  • ​The special headline formula used by A-list copywriters to write profitable cold traffic offers
  • Why most copywriters FAIL at writing advertorials on cold traffic (they don’t even know what works!)
  • ​How to make thousands of dollars by pitching eCom brands on advertorial funnels - with cold email scripts included

And today, I’m giving you exclusive access.

Like I mentioned before…

Me and my team produced 300+ advertorial funnels in 2023 alone. 

And we’ll write A LOT more this year. 

We are literally the best people to learn from when it comes to advertorial funnels…

And that’s simply because we write more.

That’s the difference between us and the other ‘direct response gurus’ in the space who JUST found out what an advertorial is. 

We put in A LOT MORE reps.

Who would you rather learn from?

The guy who’s done it a thousand times?

Or the guy who found out about it last week, and repackaged information from ANOTHER guru into his own course to sell you? 

Or, put differently:

Would you rather have Cristiano Ronaldo teach you how to play soccer? 

Or a random homeless man off the street?

It’s the same thing here. 

When it comes to writing advertorials… 

Me and my team are like Ronaldo.

I can almost guarantee that nobody has put in more reps than me and my team. 

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what some of my friends said when I gave them early access to the program:

"Zarak has wrote a ton of funnels for us. But having this to teach my own team how to do it has been a game changer. Easily the most valuable info a DTC brand could have. Will completely change the trajectory of anyone who takes advantage of it."

- Aman, 8 Figure Brand Owner

"Zarak's already helped me add multi 5-figures/mo in profit over the last little bit. This helped me add ANOTHER $10K the first month I implemented it."

- Griffin, one of the few 1-1 students I've ever taken on

"Literally just doubled my profit after implementing this on one of my offers. Should be worth $10K  a day minimum."

- AJ, 7-Figure Super Affiliate

By now you’re probably thinking…

How much is it?

When I told one of my eCom friends that I’m launching this program, he told me I need to charge WAY more than what I am.

Something like $1997.

When you think about it… 

It makes sense. 

As a copywriter, you could literally charge $2,000 for some advertorials and just follow our step-by-step instructions. You would make an instant ROI. 

As an offer owner, you could just implement the teachings and make hundreds of thousands, even MILLIONS of dollars like many of my clients have done. You would make an instant ROI. 

But I’m not going to charge you $1997.

I’m going to offer you Advertorial Mastery at a price that is literally STUPID - for me. 


If you read my daily emails, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of UNDER PROMISING and OVER DELIVERING. 

And trust me… 

I’ve severely underpromised in this sales letter. 

I also know that when you go through Advertorial Mastery…

Implement it for your own offer or clients…

And instantly ROI on the downright STUPID price…

You’ll thank me and come back to buy more of my programs.

In fact, you’re probably SOLD on buying the program already.

And I haven’t even told you the price, OR revealed the modules. 

So let’s start with the latter. 

With Over 3.5 Hours Of Lessons...

Here’s Everything You Get When You Buy Advertorial Mastery:

Module #1: Advertorials Overview

  • What is an advertorial?
  • When should you use them?
  • Why are advertorials important in 2024?
  • How can you use them to make $$$?

Module #2: How To Write Advertorials

  • How to structure an advertorial (step by step with bullet points)
  • The 3 different types of advertorials
  • How to use story-telling in an advertorial (trigger your customers emotions)
  • The A-Z on informational advertorial (news style)
  • ​Providing value in your advertorials (blog posts disguised as sales letters)
  • ​Everything you need to know about headlines & images

Module #3: Split Test Your Way To 1000 Buyers A Day

  • Mindset toward cold traffic metrics - what are you measuring, and why are you measuring it?
  • Why click thru rate (CTR) doesn’t matter 
  • How to actually split test for guaranteed success (doing this right makes it IMPOSSIBLE to fail)
  • 20+ different split test you can run on the FRONT-END (do this with your Facebook ads, advertorial page, sales page, and checkout page)
  • ​20+ different split tests you can run on the BACK-END (do this with your up-sells, cross-sells, down-sells and thank you page)

Module #4: AI Prompts & Writing Advertorials LIVE

  • Over 20 AI prompts to write advertorials on auto-pilot 
  • How to use Chat-GPT to write advertorials FASTER 
  • Writing a story based advertorial LIVE using AI (and copy-chiefing it until its ready to go live!)
  • Writing a value based advertorial LIVE using AI (and copy-chiefing it until its ready to go live!)
  • ​Writing an information based advertorial LIVE using AI (and copy-chiefing it until its ready to go live!)

How Much Is That Worth To You?

No really… 

I want you to OBJECTIVELY ask yourself how much you think this program is worth.

All things considered… 

There is NO other comprehensive copywriting program that covers advertorials in this much depth while ALSO teaching you how to use AI.
We are using the same exact methods with 8 and 9 figure eCom businesses (and succeeding with it).

I am using these methods to scale my own eCom brand PROFITABLY to millions of dollars per month.

Regardless of how much money you currently make…

How much do you think Advertorial Mastery is worth?

$2,000, like my friends told me to charge?

Maybe $1,500?

The good news is that I’m not going to charge you even HALF of that.

The price of this program is just $597.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a premium price. 

But I’ve priced this in a way that ANYBODY can get access to it.

And chances are, if you’re reading this page…

$597 is chump change to you.

But that’s not even the best part.

Because I wanted to leave NO STONE UNTURNED in this program…

And I want you to be able to make a DIRECT ROI the very same day you buy this program…

I’m including FOUR free bonuses.

FREE Bonus Module #1: MEGA Swipe File Of 50+ Winning Advertorials For You To Study

That’s right.

More than FIFTY advertorials for you to swipe, study, and use a reference point when you’re writing your cold traffic funnels. 

And it’s not only for eCom DTC - we’ve got advertorials for infoproducts, gadgets, and supplements.

FREE Bonus Module #2: How To Make Money As A Freelancer Using Advertorial Funnels

In this module…

I’ll show you how you can use advertorial funnels as an additional service OR standalone service to make a ton of money with your clients in 2024.

I’ll also include screenshot transcripts of me CLOSING 8 figure brands on $18,000 packages for advertorial funnels

And I’ll tell you how much to charge for these too.

That’s not all…

FREE Bonus Module #3: DFY Advertorial Templates

In this module we’re going to give you ‘plug n play’ advertorial templates.

You can literally just plug in your product and have an A+ advertorial in FIVE MINUTES

And make an INSTANT ROI the same day you buy this program.

FREE Bonus Module #4: What's Working Now

I'll show you how to find advertorials that are currently CRUSHING IT...

Which tools to use...

And where the most aggressive advertorials that are ACTIVELY scaling are being hosted.

To summarize… Here's EVERYTHING you get for just $597.

+ Module #1: Advertorials Overview

+ Module #2: How to write advertorials

+ Module #3: Split testing your way to 1000 buyers a day

+ Module #4: AI prompts & writing advertorials LIVE

+ BONUS Module #1: MEGA swipe file of 50+ advertorials

+ BONUS Module #2: How to make money as a copywriter using advertorials

+ BONUS Module #3: ‘Plug n Play’ advertorial templates

+ BONUS Module #4: What's working now

Advertorial Copywriting is the MOST lucrative skill in the DTC space right now… and you’re just one click away from mastering it. 

And just to make this a “no-brainer”, I’m throwing in a 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If you show me proof that you went through the entire course…

Implemented it…

And didn’t somehow make back your $597 investment…

I will refund ALL of your money, no questions asked. Just send me an email - zarak@thecopycouncil.com 

So what are you waiting for?

A Final Note From Me

With everyone moving online, it’s getting harder and harder to grab attention and convert customers...

Unless you’re a masterful, persuasive marketer, that is.

And the truth is…

It takes just ONE advertorial to completely change your financial future. 

And I promise, if you follow this program your life will change faster than you ever thought possible…

> Week 1: You go through the modules, soaking everything up like a wet sponge... 

> Week 2: You start implementing all the formulas, split tests, templates, and copy ideas into your cold traffic funnels (or your clients funnels!)

> Week 3: Whether you’re a freelancer or business owner, you start making more money than ever before, because your campaigns downright convert better than anything else out there.

And then, like clockwork…

Every cold traffic campaign you launch converts 3x better…

Bringing in more profit…

So you and your business can soar to new heights... faster than ever before.

Because you finally have the ONE skill required to do it… 

The ability to turn a cold lead into a paying customer on DEMAND using advertorials.

I believe in this program…

My copywriters, who take home upwards of $15,000 per month working for ME, believe in this program…

My clients who sometimes take home over $100,000,000 per year believe in this program…

And I believe in you.

So If you’re ready to skyrocket your DTC offer, your copywriting career, your income, and your life...
Click that “CTA” button below right now…

I’ll see you inside!

Who is this for?
Copywriters, agency owners, and brand owners.
Does it really work?
We’re using the same systems for my OWN brand and we’re already profitable on cold traffic.

Same goes for the clients who work with me.

If that isn’t enough proof that it works… then I don’t know what to tell you.

Is it suitable for beginners?
Yes, but if you literally don’t know what copywriting is then you might have a bit of a learning curve. 

Which niches does this work for?
The primary focus in this program is eCom DTC.

But it can also work for infoproducts and make money online offers.