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Learn how to write FOUR TIMES more copy without doing extra work using AI

June 2

From the desk of Zarak

Every day, freelance copywriters sit down to write the copy that earns their living.

They type away, turning words into cash.

But when one small group of them shut their laptops at the end of the day…

They’ve done 4X more work than the rest of the industry without trying.

…all within the same hours, without needing monk-like focus, and without ending the day with their brains fried.

And when they log off…

They’re not stressed about handling the workload, missing deadlines, or scrambling for the next project.

And their clients?

They don’t ever want to let these copywriters go.

Not only because they deliver high-quality, well-structured, and well-researched copy that sounds like it’s written by industry experts (even though they only spent 10 minutes on research)...

But because the copy converts.

And they bring in results that surpass anything else out there.

Even better – the deliverables get delivered FAST.

So, what’s their secret?

Artificial Intelligence.

And let me be completely honest with you…

If you’re not a part of this small group of copywriters who use AI in every piece of copy they write…

You should be worried. (I’m speaking from experience here)

I’m not trying to fear monger. 

But at this very moment, your career as a freelance copywriter is at risk.

In recent months, I’ve seen first hand how copywriters are losing clients, getting pushed aside, or straight up switching careers because of AI. 

It even landed me in a really awkward spot...

I ended up having to turn down an experienced copywriter after I had already sent out the employment agreement.

Here’s what happened:

A couple of years ago, when AI first started trending…

My existing copywriter was at MAX CAPACITY… 

Meaning we couldn’t take on more clients… 

And we couldn’t scale our revenue without making MORE hires.

The solution was simple:

Hire a new copywriter.

And I had zeroed in on ONE talented copywriter who would have allowed me to add an extra 10 clients to the agency. 

She would have been perfect for the job. 

We had agreed on a handsome $5,000 retainer, plus a cut of any commission generated...

I even had my lawyer prepare a contract and an NDA for her to sign.

She signed everything and was waiting for my final confirmation.

But just before I put my pen to paper...

I sent this message to my copywriter:

"Yeah, you can hold off on hiring another copywriter"

Do you realize what this means?

Artificial Intelligence BEAT an A+ copywriter and saved me $5,000 - $10,000 a month in salaries and training, while allowing me to scale further with my EXISTING team.

That’s when I knew I was onto something special. 

As you read this promo… 

I’m using AI to write MONEY-PRINTING emails for the biggest clients in my industry…

And I’m doing it FOUR TIMES FASTER than copywriters who don’t know how to use AI.

I’ll let you decide how well it’s going… 

But why am I telling you this?

Because I need you to understand that this is how the top 1% of service businesses are ALREADY operating.

The best time to start was yesterday… 

But the SECOND best time to get in is TODAY.

And if you take action on what I’m about to reveal to you… 

You could quite realistically make an 8900% ROI TODAY. 

(more on that later)

If you read this entire page…

You could end up taking on 4 more clients without working extra hours…

Hitting every single deadline…

And taking the lion's share of 7 and 8 figure clients as a result.

So there’s no point in resisting. 

OR denying the fact that some of the most savvy copywriters and agency owners are ALREADY using AI to deliver for your dream clients.

Because it’s clear that AI is here to stay.

But look, this isn’t a letter about the future of AI.

This is a MONEY MAKING letter.

And that’s why it’s imperative that you read this entire letter. 

Because I’m going to show you how AI can help you:

  •  QUADRUPLE your copywriting output… meaning you can put out 4x the amount of copy in the same time
  •  Add MORE clients to your roster… even if you’re operating at max capacity right now (meaning you could make an extra $5,000 - $20,000 per month with no extra work)
  • ​ DEMAND more money as a freelancer/in-house copywriter, as you find yourself able to handle more accounts and more deliverables
  • ​ NEVER be behind schedule, as AI can let you write 60 - 80 emails in ONE day… 
  • ​ STOP spending hours doing boring research and let AI handle it in under 5 minutes…
  • ​ RETAIN brain power, as you outsource the ‘trench work’ of copywriting to AI… 
  • ​ CREATE your own prompts so you can get AI to write anything for us and our clients…
  • ​ TAKE on more clients without sacrificing quality of service…
  • ​ GENERATE 100s of email angle ideas for upcoming campaigns…
  • ​ WRITE subject lines that would get 40-70% open rates… 
  • ​ REDUCE your expenses and allow you to have a LEAN team, as your copywriter is able to produce MORE IN LESS time… 
  • ​ KEEP your copywriter(s) happy, as you’re able to pay them FAT retainers that would’ve otherwise been spent on a NEW employee…

If you’ve been paying attention lately…

You’ll know that AI has blindsided the online business world in the last two years.

This recent uptick in AI technology…

With programs like GPT-4 becoming more usable to the everyday person… 

Is ushering in a ‘new era’ of copywriting, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

What is the ‘new era’ of freelance copywriting… and why should you be worried?

Back when I first started out… 

You could learn copywriting from a course, create a few samples, and send out 5 - 10 emails. 

More often than not you’d end up getting hired and trained. 

If you kept at it for a couple of years, you’d end up becoming a pretty good copywriter capable of charging 5 figure retainers and working on huge projects with some of the biggest publishers & brands in the space. 

There was no ‘skipping’ the hard work. 


We’re entering a new era of copywriting.

AI has flushed the weak copywriters out of the market as the top of the industry has taken ALL of their dream clients.

That’s because, as I mentioned, AI helps you write copy 4 TIMES faster than the average copywriter. 

Which means that people like me suddenly have the capacity for a BUNCH of new clients…

So competition has surged. 

Before AI, it was normal for a copywriter to take 4 WEEKS to write a long-form sales letter. 


Clients expect 1 WEEK turnaround times for long-form copy, because of how much faster AI has made the top 1% of the market. 

Before AI, one freelancer could work with 3 - 5 clients. 


You can literally ask an AI once and it will write an entire eCom email for you in less than a minute. 

This is the new era of freelance copywriting. 

AI lets you ‘skip the line’ to the top of the industry, writing A+ copy with ease and getting HUGE wins for your clients much earlier on in your career. 

So where does this leave you, as an aspiring freelance copywriter?

You’re Now Standing At A Crossroads.

You have two choices. 

Option 1:

You can do nothing. 

You can accept that AI is already the ‘norm’, and it’s only going to get more and more advanced as time goes on.

You can live with the fact that all of your peers and competitors are going to run laps around you using AI. 

You can continue to cope and watch as your freelance career slowly grinds to a stop. Clients will start to leave you when they see that you can’t turn around high-quality copy as fast or consistently as your competitors. 

Option 2:

You can read this entire letter and learn:

  •  The Efficiency Boosting Secrets Of AI Copywriting, So You Can Work With MORE Clients While Doing LESS Work (In Under 30 Days) 
  • ​ Your Customers' DEEPEST & DARKEST Pain Points With ONE Powerful Prompt
  • ​ How To Become An EXPERT On Any Niche In Under 300 Seconds
  • ​ The 21 Done For You Prompts To Write HIGH CONVERTING Emails At Least 87% FASTER
  • ​ Want To Become An ‘AI Prompt’ Expert? Learn How To Create Your Own Prompts For ANY Type Of Offer
  • ​ The 3 Levels To Writing Money-Printing Emails With AI
  • ​ Train Yourself To Write More RELATABLE, INTRIGUING, and PERSUASIVE Copy Using AI
  • ​WHY you shouldn’t fear AI: and how you can use it to grow your client base without increasing your expenses… 
  • ​ HOW To Master Any Niche, Market or Product in Just 5 MINUTES
  • ​HOW to use AI to become a better copywriter, and make more money for yourself and your clients…
  • ​The Truth About AI: Can it turn a novice copywriter into an A+ copywriter? (I think YES) 

You can implement the teachings of this letter into your career, and win the lion's share of new business as 2024 edges on. 

You can 4x your copywriting speed, add new clients without any expenses (pure profit), and make MORE money without spending more time or energy. 

You know what the right decision is

But just before I show you more…

Let me explain who I am, and why you should listen to me.

My name’s Zarak.

You may know me as the 13th best copywriter in 2023 (according to the beatyourcontrol blog). 

Or you know me from Twitter. 

OR, you might be subscribed to my private newsletter, The Copy Council. 

But while my name might be new to you… 

You probably know the brands that pay me to run their marketing campaigns. 

That’s right. 

In recent years I’ve driven over 80 million US dollars in sales for your favorite direct response companies and eCommerce brands.

I’ve put together long form sales letters that brought in millions of dollars on their own. 

I’ve managed email lists for companies making millions of dollars per month, and managed to double, sometimes TRIPLE revenue. 

And I’ve worked closely with some of the best internet marketers alive…

  • Like the direct mentee of Mark Ford, marketing genius and founder of billion dollar Agora… 
  • The man behind the original “Island Where People Forget To Die” promo, an 8 figure hit piece that changed the DR industry for good…
  • Peter Tzemis, best-selling-author, founder of Supplement Millionaire, The Marketing Genius behind Jordan Belfort, Owner of Pup Labs, and Beat Your Control…
  • ​And countless seven, eight, and nine figure ‘ghosts’ that I can’t name… 

But don’t just take my word for it. 

Here’s what some of the industry’s best had to say about me:

"Zarak is one of the hidden gems of the DR copy world.” 
- Peter Tzemis, 9 Figure DR Veteran, Founder of PupLabs, Founder of Supplement Millionaire

“He knows how to make readers buy products - plain and simple.” 
- Doug D’Anna, $100 Million Dollar Industry Veteran

“Zarak is a truly gifted creative and is also profoundly solid in his marketing ability.”
- Ian Clark, Founder of 8 figure DR supplement brand

I say NONE of this to brag, but simply to show you that I know what I’m talking about. 

ESPECIALLY when it comes to copywriting.

So pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you. 

Because what I’m about to reveal will CHANGE the landscape of copywriting for GOOD. 

Here’s why:

Artificial Intelligence helped me hit a 7 figure run rate with ONE copywriter.

Some of these brands payout as much as twenty thousand dollars on a retainer + rev share.

Others pay out flat fees like $4500 per month.

In order to reach a 7 figure run rate, you have to make $83,333.333 per month. 

I was doing that in EARLY 2023… with ONE copywriter, back when I first discovered how to use AI to write emails.

But now? 

We made DOUBLE that in May alone. 

And May was not a particularly impressive month. 

This is all possible because of AI.

In my case, AI helped me scale my marketing agency with ONE copywriter. 

In your case… 

AI can help you take on more clients as a freelance email copywriter without working more hours. 

And the low-IQ freelancers, agency owners, and copywriters who don’t adapt are going to face a rude awakening when their businesses fail and they can’t fund the lifestyle they’re used to.

The smart ones? 

They’re going to take the advice in this promo… 

Implement it into their business in under 30 days… 

Free up their time and capability to bring on new clients…

And make more money with less stress and higher quality of service. 

AI Will Advance Your Copywriting Career By Allowing You To Write A+ Copy At A 4x Faster Rate… 


AI allows you to write copy at double, triple, or in my case…

QUADRUPLE the speed you normally would. 

It also lets you ‘outsource’ the brain power and research… 


  •  You WON’T see a decrease in service quality as you take on new clients, since AI doesn’t mentally fatigue in the same way that humans do… 
  • You WON’T need to hire new copywriters with every few clients you sign… 
  • You will be able to handle MORE accounts, as you transition from ‘copywriter’ to ‘AI copy chief’... 
  • You’ll be able to MAINTAIN and IMPROVE your copy as you bring on new clients…
  • ​And much more… 

How I Discovered Today’s Breakthrough... 

And How You Can Use It To Cut Your Costs & Quadruple Your Capacity For New Clients With No Increased Mental Fatigue

At the end of 2022, I was in a weird spot.

  • I had 8 clients 
  • ​I had a copywriter, designer, and klaviyo guy
  • We were getting great results for our clients
  • ​We couldn’t scale further because our copywriter was at max capacity

The next steps were pretty obvious: 

Hire a new team consisting of copywriter, designer, and klaviyo tech…

Scale that team to 8-10 clients…

Put account managers & project managers in place… 

Rinse and repeat until I was doing multi 6 figures profit per month.

While it sounded great… 

I couldn’t help but think:

There MUST be a better way to do this.

A way to scale my revenue WITHOUT being capped by the number of employees I had, or seeing a decrease in service quality.

Around the same time… ChatGPT had started to take off…

All of your favorite gurus were tweeting about it non-stop…

And at first, I thought it was another dumb trend… 

But something about this trend seemed… different

My gut told me this wasn’t just another viral tactic that would be here today and gone tomorrow.

And I could see first hand how the market was reacting, because:

   1) I am a DR copywriter by trade

   2) I am a business owner who employs copywriters

   3) I get questions everyday from my newsletter subscribers & coaching students, who         are copywriters and business owners

And here’s what I saw: 

  • Copywriters were stressed, wondering if their career was obsolete… 
  • Business owners were curious, wondering how they could use this to profit…

And everyone was thinking the same thing:

Whoever cracked the code to AI copywriting would change the industry forever. 

So I wasted no time.

I phoned up my copywriter and told him frankly:

“I will pay you $1000 to look into ChatGPT. I’m about to hire another copywriter so we can onboard the waitlist clients… but if AI frees up your time so you can handle more clients, that would be perfect.”

We weren’t scaling - we literally didn’t have the capacity to.

So I was banking on AI copy replacing the need for more employees… 

Because, if I’m being totally honest… 

The idea of hiring a new pod every time I wanted to scale further…

Only to do SIX FIGURES per month…

It seemed so inefficient. 

(It’s the inherent problem with the agency model - like I said earlier)

So when I received this message a week later, it was a slap in the face:

I was already compiling a list of potential copywriters to hire… 

People that I’d either interviewed in the past… 

Coaching students I had trained… 

Or referrals from friends… 

On a whim, I asked my copywriter for an update, expecting nothing.

But when I saw his reply a few hours later… 

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

So I opened the doc he sent me… 

And I was confused. 

The angles were unique and interesting.

The copy was concise - it read well.

It was on brand with the clients preferences. 

There was a mixture of design-heavy emails for our eCom DTC clients… 

And plain text emails for our DR heavy clients.

So I sent a message back… 

I was ecstatic… 

I would be able to scale my client base with A+ service and a high paid team… 

I would no longer have to rely on hours in the day in order to service more clients…  

And I’d keep my team lean, easy to manage, and low-stress.

There was just one thing left to do… 

We had to test the copy LIVE.

So with our clients' permission… 

We launched a few AI emails to his list… 

And to be honest - we didn’t even need to ask for permission. 

Because he couldn’t tell the difference between manually written copy and AI copy.


We hit a SMALL segment of 23,000 subscribers for the initial test.

And the results blew me away: 

Then we used AI to write an email for a dog supplement brand we work with… 

And then we tried it on a vegan supplement company’s list… 

And then we tried it on a HUGE multi-8 figure direct response brand… 

But we didn’t stop there…

We put together some design based emails for a clothing brand for MMA fighters…

We KNEW we were onto something huge.

I was excited… 

Because I wouldn’t have to hire any team members to add another 10 - 20 clients… 

My profit margins would grow, but the time and mental commitment would stay the same… 

And my copywriter was excited…  

Because he would make more money managing more accounts… 

He also would get to outsource the low-ROI tasks to AI, and just focus on high leverage activities like strategy, coming up with offers, and copy chiefing… 

So I sent my copywriter a message to ask if I needed to hire another copywriter. 

Here’s what he told me:

But why am I sharing this with you?

Make no mistake. 

I could gate-keep this information and quietly run my agency in a way that literally 
NOBODY knows about.

While most agency owners need a team of 10 - 15 people just to hit 7 figures a year…

I’ve done that with a team of 4… 

While ALSO maintaining A++ service delivery and copy.

So you might be wondering… 

Why am I sharing my competitive advantage with you?

And potentially allowing you to take shots at my clients with A+ A.I copy?

The reason is simple: 

I have nothing to lose by sharing this SOP with you.

  • I’ve been using AI for 2+ years.
  • ​NOBODY has implemented AI copywriting to the extent and quality that I have. 
  • ​I’m only keeping this letter live for 72 hours… so it doesn’t spread. 

It’s a win-win.

I have the SOP already in use at my agency. 

I sell you this program.

I make money. 

You implement the SOP into your freelance/agency career. 

Or you buy this program for your copywriters.

You make money. 

That’s why I’m sharing this with you today.

But just before I reveal it… 

Let me show you what a couple of my friends in the space had to say when I gave them early access.

“Man, I just wrote a 12 min VSL for a supplement client using your AI process. It usually takes 6 hours plus to write one of these manually… I got it done in 1 hour using your program.”
- Anvar, Founder @ Creative Flywheel

“It’s actually a game-changer. I let go of one of my copywriters last week because the AI Copywriting Accelerator allows ONE copywriter to take on way more clients with pretty little stress.”
- Jake, Founder @ Nexo Mailers

“Lol bro this is nuts… I was stuck at 8-10k a month and couldn’t really make any more because I didn’t have the time to take on more email clients. Anyway, since implementing the AI stuff you taught me, I’ve brought on 3 more clients and just did my first $16k month. And I can take on more”
- Fox, 6-figure freelance copywriter


The AI Email Academy 2024.

In this program you’ll learn: 

  • 3 Methods To Write Emails Using AI - From The Easiest To The Most Difficult 
  • ​How To Generate Ideas For Campaigns Using AI
  • ​21 Done-For-You Prompts To Write High Converting Emails FAST
  • ​How To Write Design Heavy eCom Style Emails With AI
  • ​The Best Format For Writing High Converting Plain Text Email Copy
  • ​How To Use AI Storytelling To Pull On Your Customers Heartstrings
  • ​All The Prompts You Need To Research Your Target Market In Under 5 Minutes
  • ​How To Write Subject Lines USING AI
  • ​And much more… 

You’ll finally be able to stay ‘on top’ of AI and effectively use it to grow your career and make more money…

You’ll start to relax, and operate your career from a place of abundance and profit rather than scarcity and loss…

Because even if you lose ONE client… the service delivery is so EASY that you don’t even care…

And just imagine how it’ll feel, 30 days from now when you’re producing the exact same amount of copy and making MORE money while working significantly less hours…

That’s what will happen when you take The AI Email Academy and implement it into your business.

But don’t just take my word for it.

I gave ‘beta access’ to some of my most loyal customers back in 2023…

And here’s what they had to say:

So How Much Is This All Going To Cost?

After some internal discussion with my team… 

AND interviewing some of the biggest whales in the eCom/agency/direct response space… 

(Guys doing over 7 figures profit per MONTH)

We’ve all agreed that I could justifiably charge $5000 U.S Dollars for the information in this program. 


  • You’ll SAVE time, by having AI churn out high converting campaign copy, ideas, angles, and pain points in just seconds…
  • You’ll SAVE cash, as you’ll be able operate with a smaller team, train less copywriters, and hire less managerial roles…
  • ​You’ll SAVE mental energy, as AI takes on all the copywriting ‘trench work’...

But that's not all… 

  • ​You’ll INCREASE your income, as you take on more clients without having to invest more money/time into service delivery… 
  • ​You’ll KEEP clients longer, as you never miss a deadline, always deliver early, and never see any inconsistencies in quality of copy (thanks to AI)… 
  • ​You’ll OPERATE with an abundant mindset, as your ability to scale is no longer handicapped by how much time you have… 

And here’s the thing. 

Thanks to the simplicity of the program…

You could literally be running all your copy through AI in under 30 days. 

It just depends on how much of an action taker you are.

My friends in the space think that’s worth $5,000 as a one time fee. 

And honestly, I agree. 

I could just target this program at the top 1% of agency owners and make a BAG. 

But I’m a pious guy. 

And I want to help out the freelance copywriters starting out today, who feel lost and confused. Because that’s exactly how I felt when I started.

So I’m not even going to charge you HALF of that. 

I’m going to give you a no-brainer, you-are-low-IQ if you don’t buy this right now deal today.

A deal that is so good… 

It’s almost stupid.

(for me)

So how much is The AI Email Academy going to cost you today? 


That’s right.

Just $697.97.

Think about it for a minute… 

If you really implement the teachings in this program into your business…

You could go from a complete NOVICE copywriter who’s copy isn’t even good enough to sell to clients…

To a top-tier email copywriter who can easily demand $5,000+ retainers every single month. 

And if you’re already an experienced copywriter…

You could easily add 3 clients WITHOUT doing more work…

Let’s say your average client pays you $2,000 a month (on the VERY low end, I should add)… 

That’s potentially $6,000 profit PER MONTH. 

($2000 x 3= $6,000 profit with NO hires)

Now if we take that and apply it to your yearly revenue… 

That’s $72,000 profit per YEAR. 

To put that into perspective… 

That’s the equivalent of buying a luxury watch like a Patek Phillipe. 

Or a downpayment on a $400,000 home.

OR a new car for your parents.

Today’s small investment of $697.97 could be the difference between the lifestyle you secretly dream of… 

Or the boring, borderline POVERTY freelance lifestyle that most settle for. 

Put another way: 

Today’s investment of $697.97 could net you $72,000 PROFIT per year. 

That’s a potential 8900% return on your investment. 

Even the crypto bull market can’t promise you these kind of returns. 

That’s why today’s offer is an absolute NO BRAINER. 

You genuinely might be stupid if you don’t implement The AI Email Academy into your copywriting process.

Click Below And You’ll Be Taken To A SECURE Checkout Page To Sign Up RISK-FREE For The AI Email Academy

The AI Email Academy Includes OVER 67 Training Modules On:

  • The A-Z list of tools, settings and softwares you need to write A+ emails using AI
  • The EASY method to come up with email ideas using AI - suitable for beginners
  • How to turn those ideas into an A grade email, even if you’re not that experienced at writing copy
  • ​ 21 done-for-you AI methods to write high converting emails fast, including:

    - The ‘Pain-Agitate-Relief’ Formula
    - The relatable story-telling formula 
    - "Inject Start Text’
    - PWAT Formula
    - Our ancestors formula
    - The tease
    - Story-solve-sell
    - Wrong assumption
    - Mainstream alternative
    - AIDA
    - 3x3
    - Easy fix
    - Not getting enough of [ingredient]
    - The humiliation storyline
    - The deep dive into their pain points
  •  ​Writing 9 emails for 9 different products LIVE with AI
  •  HARD: How to use AI to ‘puzzle’ emails together (this produces the highest quality of copy)
  • ​ 3 examples of the puzzle formula for a coaching offer and two supplements 
  •  How to write ‘design’ emails for normal eCom brands using AI
  • How to write announcements, sales, and other emails with AI
  • The "Lazy Method" to write quick sales emails with AI
  • ​How to make your copy more relatable using AI
  • ​The dumb it down method - how to make it easier to read
  • ​How to recreate your winners with AI
  • ​Subject line mastery - create irresistible subject lines using AI

You might be wondering… why would I share my competitive advantage with you?

The reason is simple: 

The risk to reward ratio makes it worth it.

I discussed it with my copywriters already. 

The biggest risk we run by giving you access to this course is that we’ll flood the market with a bunch of new copywriters who cracked AI copywriting and are turning out A+ emails in minutes. 

That’s because the program features 3 ascending levels of difficulty - from beginner to advanced. 

We’d maybe end up driving industry prices down SIGNIFICANTLY, since a single copywriter could produce 4x more emails without doing any extra work using our SOP…

But I’m mitigating that risk by only keeping this page live for 72 hours.

That way it won’t spread too far too fast.

And because I’m so confident in what The AI Email Academy will do for your copywriting career…

I’m going to sweeten the deal even MORE and throw a CRAZY guarantee on it.

If You Implement The AI Email Academy FULLY And Are NOT Able To Write MORE Emails In LESS Time… 

I’ll Refund 100% Of Your Money, No Questions Asked. 

That’s right. 

Join The AI Email Academy today RISK FREE.

Because if it DOESN’T work for you… 

Or you AREN’T able to write MORE copy in LESS time… 

Then I’ll refund 100% of your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 

And I’m Also Including 3 FREE Bonuses Worth $1900!


MARKET RESEARCH MASTERY: 8 Methods To Learn The Deepest Desires & Pains Of Your Market Using A.I (Worth $497)

The best way to write winning copy is to know who you’re selling to.

And the better you know your prospect… the easier it is to sell to them. 

This free bonus module was initially meant to be launched as a STANDALONE course… but I decided to throw it in as a ‘free bonus’ for the AI email academy today. 

You’ll be able to learn the deepest, darkest, most disgusting desires of your target customer… and use it to your advantage to make HUGE sales for yourself and your clients. 

     - 8 different methods to DEEPER market research with AI

     - Cut your market research process into a 5 minute AI session

But that’s not all… 


ADVANCED AI COURSE: How To Create Your Own AI Prompts (Worth $997)

Not all AI prompts will work for every offer.

That’s why I created this standalone course.

As the Satanists and Globohomos force AI into every nook & cranny of internet 

You won’t be able to rely on MY teachings alone. 

This bonus course will teach you how to create your OWN prompts, no matter what you’re trying to sell.

And today…

You get it for FREE.

There’s more though:


ELITE COPY TRAINING: How To Become An A++ Copywriter Using AI Training (Worth $397) 

Everyone can improve their copy.

You can: 

   - Make it read better… 

   - Find what pain points resonate with your customer the best… 

   - Make the copy more persuasive…

   - Generate metaphors to make complicated subjects easy to understand… 

   - And much more.

And in this FREE bonus section of the course… 

You will learn exactly how to use AI to teach yourself better copywriting.

Click Below And You’ll Be Taken To A SECURE Checkout Page To Sign Up RISK-FREE For The AI Email Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this similar to your old AI copywriting course?

There are some differences, but overall, yes. 

If you bought my AI course in the past, save your money and DO NOT buy this one.

Will this work for a freelancer?


It will help you take on more clients without working more hours.

Is this for eCom only?

Yes, but you can apply it to any niche. I’ve included one module for a coaching offer.

How quickly can I use what I learn from The AI Email Academy? 

Same day.

Not only will you learn how to implement AI into your copywriting, but also get done-for-you prompts for each lesson that you can easily customize to fit your product or service.

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